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 Coming To LGN - Modified

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MessageSujet: Coming To LGN - Modified   Ven 11 Sep - 7:49

Who am I ?

My name is Foad, I am just 19 years old, I was born in Russia and now I live in little village in holland. I am in university now studying for economics. I have played server heroic for 6 years, I have met many people , mainly the nice english players like Marci , Iron etc. I am an very active player and always help friends/guild/alliance where I can. I will always be connected on Teamspeak when i log Dofus.

im rather bilangual, I speak good english and dutch language , I know some german and french too

Why do I want to be LGN?
I want to be LGN because I have some friends like haxx in your alliance , I have previously been in other alliances such like HTW , but when I join they just kick aggro me :/ , I have been told your alliance is known for helping people level up, not helping them die. You are all an good organised alliance. I have been in a lot guilds and ally`s but as soon they had the chance they try to kill me for example Stouch did kick me for no reasons. I hope i can grow more as a player in this alliance and learn from greater players.

What can I offer to LGN:
The things I can offer to LGN is that I have a sacrier for dungeon firefoux , I am level 127 only but I can exp osas for pvp. I currently have some osas for PvP , I am not afraid to rush at any time, I attend all pvp plan for prism and stuff like that. If any member or guild mate need help i will try to help him no matter it is leveling or its something else. When we need high lvls for plans i will connect high lvl to rush it i am not afraid to lose high lvl chars for my alliance. Defending areas for LGN will be a priority. i am connected at times when people also go to school which gives me also more chance to do stuff when its quiet on the server so may the be plans very early or very late night i can still be there! I am friendly, helpfull, and im connected everyday. Now I am full back to SH i am very motivated to help the alliance that going to, you will not regret it! I have played with many great players which also English, so im not a beginner player. Helping people succeed and re lvl their chars in Firefoux will be no problem to me so ask any time!

Who are my characters?:
My sacrier foux is : Ii-Smoke

Some of my other chars are name :
1 Hardcore-killa
2 Hardcore-Heaven
3 Minotaur
4 Bacardi-Black
5 Bacardi-Superiour

Now I just have a miner 130 , I want to progress in my other ones though now I am back to SH full time , I am always a Helping hand and helpfull to my alliance.

I really just want to join LGN because im sick of dying because of betray, my friends said LGN is a nice place with nice people if you arent a bad guy, and its all I want really , just some friends and some communication with the good side of the server, I was told to add 'Winter is coming' I will not let you down if you give me a chance to grow in this alliance. This is what i heard an good alliance to be in and in here you dont need to have 4000 members like the winning alliance once you play smart you are better than the alliance whos winning at the end they have full taupe in alliance and i never see this in LGN! no need for so much people just small group of intelligent players. I hope i get chance to participate in your battles.

thanks for your time , I hope you don't think this one is bad like the other, thanks !
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MessageSujet: Re: Coming To LGN - Modified   Ven 11 Sep - 15:39

La Demonne Gouverneur de La District

Hodor! sunny
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Coming To LGN - Modified
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