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 English Application - Guild Untouchables

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MessageSujet: English Application - Guild Untouchables   Mar 23 Fév - 14:44


Je m´appelle Bert. J`ai 19 ans. J'habite à Tallinn la capitale de l'Estonie.
Je suis étudiant à la douzième classe et quand j'ai du temps libre j'aime aller à la pêche et jouer à des jeux informatiques. J`ai étudié le français trois ans, mais je n'étais pas l`etudiant très bon ainsi je continue ma présentation en anglais.

My adventures in the heroic server and in dofus generally.

I started my journey in Dofus roughly 9 years ago in Shika. At that time I was a total noob, I barely spoke any english. My first character was sacrier and I did not put any characteristic points in vitality, I basically did not understand anything that was going on, however I still enjoyed the game a lot and I am still playing it.

My pvp experiences

I have not had many pvp experiences but they have been the most fun I have ever had. First time I tried pvp was with an int sac around lvl 70, when the headhunter system was still in the game. I managed to get rank 6. Then I decided to try out agi sram for the same purpose but soon after doing so I quit.
When I returned to dofus I did some low lvl f2p pvp at crackrocks (I do not know if that was a thing in french servers)and that about sums it up.

Pvm experience

Few years ago I transfered my char to Rushu since Shika`s population was dying. There I met an fellow estonian and we decided to make an pvm team togheter. Long story short we trained our chars to lvl 199-200 did some pvm, tried out frig 3, managed to beat nileza and then we got bored and quit.

My heroic server adventures

In the course of 9 years I tried out heroic server many times. I got backstabbed a lot and never made it anywhere. About an year ago I decided to try to play in Heroic server more seriously, I created a team of 5 got them all about lvl 50, geared them and basically everything was set to grind blop dungeon until my chars are 100+ and earn some nice kamas on the side of doing so. However due to busy period in life I decided to quit once again.

Now I am back in Heroic server and this time I really want to build an solid ground for myself here. The reason why I decided to start playing in heroic server is that the regular servers have exhausted themselves for me and the thing I miss most in dofus is regular pvp.

The characters I have currently avaible in Heroic server:

Tjom- lvl 98 int feca. He is currenlty the only char I have subbed. I am planning to lvl him safely 122 and then use him to leech my other chars in jelly dung.

The professions I have are:

jeweller lvl 100
shoemaker lvl 81
tailor lvl 73
alchemist lvl 54

The people I know In LGN are:

King Crunchie

The reason I'd like to join LGN is that no game is fun when you play it alone and since my french is on pretty basic level then my outlooks on joining a french guild are not the best. The only english guilds I know in Heroic server are all in LGN and the only way joining them is writing an application here.

Thanks for your time! I hope you like my application!
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English Application - Guild Untouchables
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